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What Threats are Common to Lawns in Clovis, CA?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on April 19, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

The threats that are common to lawns in Clovis, CA are the same threats that are common throughout the United States. The temperate weather in this area means that some threats stick around for much of the year. The only way to ensure that you get and maintain a yard that you love is to deal with the threats proactively. If you wait until a threat starts to cause serious damage to your lawn it will be much more difficult to eliminate the threat and take longer to help your lawn heal. Four of the most common threats to lawns in Clovis, CA include weeds, pests, disease, and poor nutrition. 


Weeds are a threat to the way your lawn looks and to the health of your lawn. Weeds can grow more quickly than grass and most other types of plants. Their shallow root systems spread out and grab nutrients near the surface. This is part of the reason why you can mow your lawn and see weeds pop up almost immediately. It can be extremely frustrating to do all of the work to mow and trim your yard only to see weeds popping up a couple of days later. The other problem with weeds is that they can steal nutrients from your grass. If you have grass that is weak, weeds can crowd out and eventually kill off the grass. The threat of weeds is present almost all year long in Clovis which means that you need to implement a strategy that keeps them away consistently. 


Pests are another common threat to yards in Clovis, CA. Some types of pests eat away at grass blades on the surface while others attack your grass at the root. Burrowing pests do not necessarily eat the roots of your grass but they can destroy the root system as they travel through it in search of food. It can be difficult to tell that pests are a problem in your yard until the damage is already extensive. As with weeds, regular treatment is necessary if you want to keep pests from causing problems in your Clovis home. 


Disease can cause serious problems for yards in Clovis. Most homeowners do not spot the signs of disease until the damage is extensive. Brown or bare spots in your yard are tell tale signs of disease. Disease can spread quickly and has the potential to annihilate your yard. Professional intervention is the best option for dealing with disease in your yard.  

Poor Nutrition

Another common threat to yards in Clovis, CA is poor nutrition. Poor nutrition is a different type of threat than the ones outlined above but it can have a devastating impact on your yard. Soil can become depleted of important nutrients over time. In some areas, the soil does not naturally have everything it needs to support the type of yard most homeowners want. In order to fight back against the threat of poor nutrition, you need to make processes like aeration and fertilization a regular part of your lawn care routine. 

The pros at The Experienced Gardener can help protect your lawn from all of the threats that are common in Clovis. You can schedule a free estimate and talk about the options for treatment and prevention going forward.