Trees &/or Shrubs

Lawn and shrub care in your Fresno yard is essential for creating the kind of outdoor space you can enjoy in every season. But, unfortunately, it can feel like Mother Nature is against you when your lawn starts to suffer from various diseases and your. January 30, 2023
Tending to the lawn and plants in your Visalia yard is essential for making your home an inviting, relaxing space to enjoy cool evenings with your family or outdoor weekend birthday parties. But if the vegetation in your yard is struggling from various ailments, you. September 26, 2022
A good tree in your yard can provide shade, entertainment as you and your family watch birds or squirrels scamper across the branches, and it can also make your backyard have an inviting ambiance. But if you notice that your tree isn’t looking its best,. September 12, 2022
Taking care of your trees and shrubs can seem overwhelming to the inexperienced homeowner or gardener. There are so many things that come into play when you are working to keep those trees and bushes in peak condition.  We have some tips for you that. June 13, 2022
When homeowners think about lawn care services there are a few things that come to mind first such as mowing, weed control, and pest control. However, a commonly overlooked service that is provided by The Experienced Gardner in Fresno, CA is tree and shrub care.. May 30, 2022
The shrubs and trees in your yard need regular care in order to stay in top condition. These plants make up a significant part of the landscape in your yard. If you neglect the care of these large plants it can lead to serious problems. November 01, 2021
The trees and shrubs in your yard are foundational elements of your overall esthetic. Losing even one tree or shrub can be devastating and completely transform the way your yard looks. Many homeowners skip out on professional tree and shrub care because the trees and. August 30, 2021
With temperatures on the rise, lawn and garden care is on the mind of property owners everywhere. This is the season that the grass is a little greener, flowers are blooming, and shrubs and trees offer a beautiful, shady backdrop for dreamy days of outdoor. May 31, 2021