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4 Ways You Can Protect Your Plants from Threats

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on July 30, 2020 @ 3:19 pm PST

Caring for plants in your flowerbeds and around your yard takes work. You cannot put in a bunch of new flowers at the beginning of the spring and then forget about them. If you want those flowers to survive and thrive, you need to take steps to provide what they need and protect them against threats. It is not complicated to protect plants from threats but it does require proactive action. Protecting your plants from threats starts with the way you prepare the area and requires regular attention once they are in the ground.

Prepare the soil

Properly preparing the soil before you put plants in the ground can help protect them from threats. When you prep the soil, you can remove weeds and roots from the area. In addition, you can add nutrients into the soil. Adding in nutrients will help maximize the health of the plants. Healthy plants are more resilient to threats than unhealthy plants.

Use mulch or groundcover

Mulch and groundcover are two elements you can add to your flowerbed to help protect against the threat of weeds. The elements that help your plants grow strong and healthy – water, sun, nutrients – can also help weeds grow. Because of this, you need to take action against weeds in any way possible. Once option is to use mulch or groundcover around your plants to make it more difficult for weeds to pop up. Groundcover is also called garden fabric and is put down as a barrier to weeds. You can cut through the ground cover in the areas where you plan to put in plants. Mulch is often made with wood and can be put on top of the soil surrounding the plants. Both options make it more difficult for weeds to grow alongside your plants in the flowerbed or garden.

Water on the right schedule

Watering your plants too little can cause them to wither and die. Watering them to much can make them more susceptible to disease. You can combat these two issues by establishing a watering schedule for your plants. Learn about the water needs of your plants and then design and stick to a schedule that provides them with the right amount of water.

Provide chemical protection

You can also protect your plants from threats by using chemical protection. There is chemical protection available for weeds, pests, and disease. You can have your yard treated regularly to ensure that your plants are continually protected against threats.

Taking the time to consider your options for protecting your plants is an important first step toward having a healthy landscape. You can get help with any or all of these steps from a lawncare professional. If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation, give the pros at The Experienced Gardener a call.