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Top 3 Reasons to Prioritize Aeration and Fertilization

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on September 20, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

There are some basic tasks that are essential elements of properly caring for your yard. Your grass needs water, sunlight, regular mowing, and protection against threats in order to thrive. There are also some less frequent tasks that are important if your goal is to have a healthy, lush lawn. Aeration and fertilization are examples of lawn care tasks that are important but infrequent. Most yards only need aeration and fertilization a couple times per year in order to thrive. You do not have to aerate and fertilize your lawn every month but that does not mean these tasks are unimportant. You should prioritize aeration and fertilization because they provide important benefits to your soil and your grass.

Aeration can open up compacted soil

One of the most important things aeration does for your lawn is to open up compacted soil. Over time, soil can become compacted from everyday use. When you walk on your lawn, play in the yard with your kids, or mow, it puts pressure on the soil and can eventually lead to serious compaction. This is a normal process. You do not need to try and stay off of your lawn in order to avoid compaction. Compacted soil can become a problem because water and nutrients have difficulty getting into the soil and to the root systems when the soil is packed too tightly. Aeration removes small plugs of soil throughout the yard. This process creates space for the soil to loosen up and create space for important nutrients.

Fertilization can provide a shot of nutrition

Fertilization provides a shot of nutrition to your grass and soil. Fertilizer provides concentrated nutrients designed to boost the health of your yard. There are many different options when it comes to fertilizer. You or your lawncare pro can choose a fertilizer with the specific nutrients that your lawn needs in order to thrive. There are times when soil becomes depleted of certain nutrients and requires the application of fertilizer to get back into balance. Other times, fertilizer simply provides a boost of nutrition from which every yard can benefit.

Aeration and fertilization work together to create a healthy yard

Aeration and fertilization work together to create a healthy yard. Aeration opens up the soil and exposes the root system of your grass. Fertilizing your yard immediately after aeration makes it possible to get the nutrition from the fertilizer directly to the root system for maximum benefit. Scheduling aeration and fertilization together twice per year is a great way to improve the overall health of your yard. Making aeration and fertilization priorities is a way to maximize the overall health of your yard. Both aeration and fertilization require specialized equipment. You can get help with these processes from a local lawncare expert. If you are in Visalia or surrounding areas and need help with aeration and fertilization, give the pros at The Experienced Gardener a call

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