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Are Aeration and Fertilization Simple DIY Projects?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on April 26, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

There are some lawn care tasks that can make a big difference in how your grass looks. Doing tasks that improve the health and strength of your yard can reward you with a lush and beautiful lawn. When your lawn is healthy it’s easy to enjoy being outside. Two tasks that can improve both the look and health of you yard are aeration and fertilization. Every lawn needs these services from time to time. Aeration loosens up compacted soil and creates space for nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. Fertilization provides your grass with a direct boost of nutrition that can strengthen it and make it more resilient against pests. There is no question about whether or not you need to do these tasks: you do. The question is, are aeration and fertilization tasks that you should tackle on your own?


The aeration process can be completed by removing small plugs of grass and soil from your lawn. There are a number of different tools designed for this process. Some are handheld tools while others can be attached to a riding lawnmower. There are also heavy-duty machines that can make quick work of a large area. It is possible to make aeration a DIY project. However, if you have anything other than a tiny yard, aeration can be an extremely time-consuming task. In addition, the quality of the aeration process may be impacted by the type of tool you use. In order to get the job done quickly and to the highest quality, you need to work with the best equipment. Renting and operating that type of equipment could end up taking just as much time as trying to do it by hand. The quickest and most effective way to aerate your yard is to hire a professional. Instead of spending your time guessing about the right equipment and wondering if you are aerating properly, you can have the peace of mind that comes with getting a pro to aerate your yard so it is prepped for fertilization.


Fertilization happens after aeration. Fertilizing your yard provides it with a direct shot of nutrition so it can get stronger and more resilient against threats. Applying fertilizer immediately after aeration is the most direct way to get nutrition to your lawn. As with aeration, there are various tools that will help you properly apply fertilizer. It is simpler to take on fertilization as a DIY project than it is to take on aeration. However, choosing the right type of fertilizer for your lawn is something that typically requires the help of a pro. You risk wasting your time, money, and effort by fertilizing on your own with the wrong type of fertilizer. Working with a professional, however, will provide you with the right choice of fertilizer from the very beginning. Aeration and fertilization are not simple DIY projects. They can both be done as DIY projects but eat up a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about tackling big projects like this on your own. The Experienced Gardener can take care of aeration, fertilization, and a long list of other lawncare tasks for you. You can schedule a free quote for your lawncare needs.