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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on July 12, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Spring may be in the air, but summer is right around the corner - and coming up fast. We all love to plan fun summer events, like a trip to the beach or a family cookout in the backyard. But be sure you don’t leave lawncare behind in the wake as you’re ramping up into summer-planning-fun-mode. Following a plan in the spring is the best way you can prepare your lawn for the summer sun – make sure these items are on your lawncare to-do list:

1. Remove Thatch

Thatch is a combination of living and dead matter such as leaves, stems, and roots that is found at the base of grass. A minimal layer of thatch can act as mulch and will actually benefit your lawn…but if it builds up faster than it can decompose, thatch can block water, air, and nutrients necessary to keep grass healthy and strong. If there is an inch or more of thatch, grab a rake, push down firmly, and start to remove it throughout the yard. Doing this prior to the summer months will ensure grass has time to grow strong and thick in time for summer.

2. Aerate

If you have warm-season grass, it’s important to aerate your lawn before the temperatures start to rise in the summer months. Aeration ensures that nutrients can penetrate deep into the soil, providing a good foundation for your grass at the start of the growing season.

3. Fertilize

If your grass has started turning green, it’s time to fertilize. Fertilizing helps restore nutrients in the soil that may have been depleted over the harsh winter months. This is an important step in preparing your lawn for the summer, providing the nutrients and strength the grass will need to survive and thrive in the coming heat.

4. Mow High

Be sure you know the appropriate height for your specific type of grass, and mow to the highest level possible. Keeping grass longer through the spring helps develop strong root systems that will be necessary in the summer months.

5. Keep Pests and Weeds Under Control

Spring brings new life everywhere you look – unfortunately, that includes weeds sprouting all over and little critters invading your yard. It’s important to keep weeds and pests under control as summer approaches so you can avoid rampant growth and infestations. It’s always easier to treat a problem in the early stages before it becomes a full-blown crisis, so be sure to take action right away to prepare your lawn for summer. You’ve heard it said – failure to prepare is preparing to fail. This applies to many things in life, including your lawn. As the strong growing season starts in the spring, it’s important to prepare your lawn for the summer to build up strong, resilient grass. If you live in the Visalia, CA area and could use some professional help getting your lawn prepped for the months to come, contact The Experienced Gardener today for a customized estimate.