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Take Steps to Protect Your Landscape from Pests and Disease

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on September 27, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

There are a number of things that can threaten the look and health of your landscape. Part of getting and maintaining a beautiful yard is to protect against common threats. Two of the most common threats to your landscape are pests and disease. Pests and disease can destroy grass, plants in your flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees. Every living part of your landscape is at risk for damage from pests and disease. There are some steps you can take to protect your landscape from pests and disease.

Provide your soil and grass with proper nutrition

Your soil and grass will be much more resilient against threats like pests and disease if it is healthy. If your soil and grass are lacking the nutrients they need to thrive then it will be easy for disease and pests to move in and take over. On the other hand, healthy grass and soil will not be easily overcome by these threats. You can improve the health of your soil and grass by providing them with a dose of direct nutrition. Aeration and fertilization are two processes that work hand in hand to improve the health of your lawn. Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the ground to expose the root systems. Fertilizer is applied immediately after aeration so the nutrients get directly to the root system of the grass. Aeration and fertilization are two processes that will help strengthen your soil and grass so they are more resilient against threats like pests and disease.

Remove dead and diseased plants

Dead and diseased plants can cause problems for the healthy plants in your flowerbeds and yard. Even after a plant is dead, it can potentially spread disease and pests to surrounding vegetation. An important part of protecting your landscape from pests and disease is to remove dead and diseased plants quickly so they cannot threaten other plants in your yard.

Get chemical protection against pests and disease

One of the most effective ways to protect your landscape from pests and disease is with chemical protection. There are chemical treatment options available that can be used to treat pests and disease or prevent them from invading in the first place. You can purchase chemical pest and disease products at your local hardware store or at one of the big box stores. You will also need to purchase the appropriate tools to apply the treatment. The other option is to bring in a lawncare professional to apply the chemical pest and disease control. If you choose a professional, it will save you time and likely provide you with much better results than trying to handle everything on your own.

Pests and disease can cause widespread damage to your landscape. If you neglect to protect against these issues you may end up losing plants and grass to these threats. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your landscape from the pests and disease. If you decide that you want professional help with this process, get in touch with the pros at The Experienced Gardener.