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Proactively Protect from the Threat of Yard Pests and Disease

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on December 13, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Your yard is under a constant threat of damage from pests and disease. There is a long list of pests and diseases that can cause various types of damage to your yard. If you have a goal of getting your yard to look great, you need to get started on the process of protecting it from common threats. The impact that pests and diseases have on your yard is significant. The good news is that there are some proactive ways that you can protect your yard from the threat of pests and disease.

The impact of pests on your yard

Several types of pests can have an impact on the health and look of your yard. Some pests are active below the surface and eat away at the roots of your grass. Other pests are active on top of the surface and cause damage to the blades of your grass. Large pests such as rodents can dig through the root system of your grass and cause widespread damage. Pest damage can show up as discolored areas of grass, spots of dead grass, and widespread lawn death.

The impact of disease on your yard

Diseases can attack your lawn in different ways. Some types of lawn disease cause discoloration and unhealthy-looking grass. Other lawn diseases can completely wipe out the grass that you have in your yard. Diseases are often difficult to detect on your own because the evidence of them is not always visible in the beginning. Often, by the time homeowners realize there are diseases in their lawn, it has been causing trouble for a while.

Proactively protect your yard

You can protect your yard from the threat of pests and disease in two ways: treat the threat directly and improve the overall health of your lawn. Chemical pest and disease control can be applied to your lawn to kill off the threats and help prevent them from coming back. Chemical treatment is not a once-and-done option – you will need regularly scheduled treatment to ensure that your lawn remains protected from threats. Improving the overall health of your lawn can add a layer of protection against common threats. A healthy yard is not as susceptible to threats as an unhealthy yard. Soil and grass that get the nutrients they need are not easily overcome by pests and disease. Two tasks that are important for the overall health of your yard are aeration and fertilization.
The best way to proactively protect your yard from the threat of pests and disease is to bring in professional help. The pros at The Experienced Gardener can apply chemical treatment and protection against pests and disease. In addition, you can get services designed to improve the overall health of your yard. Reach out today for a free estimate.