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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on November 23, 2020 @ 9:00 am PST

No matter the season, pesky weeds seem to find a way to invade yards, gardens, and driveways. After intense months of yardwork in the spring and summer, it can be tempting to let weed control fall by the wayside in the fall and winter. However, in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn year-round, weed control during colder months should be part of your regular lawncare routine.

The Winter Weed Takeover

When you have a carefully selected guest list for your fabulous holiday party, it’s probably best to greet friends and family with a plate of hors d’oeuvres instead of a yard full of weeds. If left untended, winter weeds can take root and continue to grow all the way through spring until the hot summer sun kills them off. Some types may grow slowly and steadily through the winter but will take full advantage of the spring sun and rain to multiply rapidly and choke out your beautiful green grass that has been waiting to emerge. Allowing winter weeds to run rampant could lead to an even more serious problem the following winter – even though they won’t live through the summer, annual winter weeds will pop right back up as the weather turns cool once again. 

Take Control of Your Lawn

Winter weeds can cause much more than aesthetic damage – it’s important to maintain control in the power-struggle for the life of your lawn! Winter weeds can take space, nutrients, and water supply away from the grass and seedlings that need it the most when spring rolls around again. Applying pre-emergent treatments in the fall can help reduce the growth of weeds and mitigate their impact on your lawn. If you happen to miss the fall pre-emergent treatment, not to worry – a post-emergent treatment can be applied to the winter weeds to stop them in their tracks and prevent further spread. Pro-tip: Make sure you know what type of winter weeds need to be eradicated! It’s important to apply a high-quality treatment that is appropriate for the species of weeds you’re trying to get rid of. 

Short-Term Sacrifice, Long-Term Gain

Winter weed control will lighten the load of yardwork in other seasons. As you take the appropriate measures to create a healthy lawn and garden throughout the year, each step will build on the other. Less winter weeds invading your lawn means your grass will have a much healthier environment to grow in. Starting spring with a healthier environment that isn’t crowded with winter weeds will allow grass and plants to take full advantage of the sunshine and rain to grow healthy and strong in warmer months. A healthy, strong lawn is more resistant to the growth of winter weeds – in turn, you’ll have less winter weeds to deal with next time you feel the cool air of fall and winter moving in!

In order to have a lush, beautiful lawn in the warmer months (and hopefully year-round!), it’s important to take control of winter weeds. If you have a green thumb and plenty of time to provide the lawn and garden care needed, make winter weed control a part of your annual lawncare routine. If you’d rather spend the winter months celebrating the holidays, reading a good book by the fire, or just watching Netflix in your downtime…call a pro! Let a professional evaluate, treat, and maintain your lawn year-round so you can spend less time in the yard and more time doing the things you love.