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Prevent Winter Weeds with These Three Steps

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on September 14, 2020 @ 9:00 am PST

Winter is a time of year when you get a bit of a reprieve from constant yard work. The changes in the weather slow down or completely stop the growth of some plants. This typically means that you get a break from needing to mow your lawn every weekend. This welcomed break can free up some of your time for other interests. Unfortunately, there are still a few plants that will continue to create work for you out in the yard. Winter weeds are a pesky group of plants that will pop up in your yard despite the cooler weather. In order to prevent these weeds from taking over and creating even more yard work this winter, make a plan for prevention. Providing your lawn with proper nutrition, identifying the weeds that may be problematic, and getting professional help are all steps that can help you prevent winter weeds. 

Provide your lawn with proper nutrition

A healthy yard has some natural protections against weeds that you will not find in an unhealthy yard. In general, it is much easier for weeds to thrive in a yard that is sparce. Weeds can steal nutrition that you intended for your grass from the soil and quickly push out the little grass that is trying to grow. A healthy lawn, on the other hand, is not so easily overcome. Building up the health of your yard can help prevent winter weeds. Before the winter season moves in, take the time to aerate and fertilize your lawn (or hire a pro for the task). Providing nutrition to your lawn will help it thrive and provide an extra layer of protection against winter weeds. 

Identify weeds that may be problematic

An important step in preventing winter weeds is identifying the ones that cause problems in your area. When you know what weeds are likely to invade your yard this winter it can help you choose the correct preventative treatment option. You can research this topic online or talk to a local weed control expert about the plants that continue to grow during the winter. 

Get professional help

The quickest and most effective way to prevent winter weeds in your yard is by getting professional help. A local lawn care expert will know which weeds are common in the area and how to treat against them. The correct type of chemical weed prevention can protect your lawn from the threat of winter weeds throughout the season. 

If you want to prevent winter weeds you need to be proactive in your efforts. Preparing for winter weeds now is much simpler than dealing with them after they pop up. The pros at The Experienced Garden can help you with some or all of the tasks outlined above.