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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on June 21, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

No matter the season, there is a multitude of insects and a variety of diseases that pose a threat to your lawn and garden. After much time spent toiling in the sun in an attempt to keep your yard looking its best, it is certainly discouraging to see your hard work eaten away by insects and disease. But there is hope! Make insect and disease control a priority during the warmer months and watch your lawn and garden flourish.

Why Insect and Disease Control is Important

When there are so many other tasks to complete on your lawncare checklist, it seems like this is one thing that could easily be skipped. But with the exponential multiplication of insects and conducive environmental conditions for disease during the summer months, it’s important to keep them under control. Infestations are unpleasant to look at while you’re trying to enjoy the warm weather – but beyond aesthetics, plants can be affected to the point of death, which could lead to an increase in the amount of time and money you’ll have to spend dealing with the aftereffects. If you keep a tight reign on insects and disease from the start, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.

What Steps You Should Take

If you’re a DIY kind of person, there are many steps you can take to prevent insect and disease infestation during the warmer months. Here are just a few:

  • Water in the morning. Watering at mid-day doesn’t do much good, as the blazing sun will cause irrigation to evaporate before it can reach deep down in the soil. Watering on a humid summer evening can leave grass wet for prolonged periods, increasing the chance of fungal disease.
  • Clean up the yard. Toys, kiddie pools, bikes, and kayaks are just a few things that tend to accumulate in the yard over the course of the summer. These items create hiding places for pests looking for shelter and can serve as areas for water to pool and become stagnant after a summer rain. Keep your yard clean and clear of debris that might attract pests seeking food, shelter, and water.
  • Keep up with yardwork. Tending to the landscaping and mowing on a regular basis increases the amount of sunlight reaching your yard, which can be a deterrent for pests and disease that thrive in shady, humid areas.
  • Apply treatments for insect and disease control. This one can be tricky, as it requires you to know exactly what needs to be treated and to follow instructions very carefully. Be sure to use treatments that are kid- and pet-friendly if you have little loved ones around, and be aware of the effects of chemicals on the other plants and environment as a whole.

Insect and disease control is important for your lawn year-round, especially in the warmer months. Make it a priority, and you’ll enjoy a healthy, beautiful, resilient yard through the summer. But if monitoring, treating, and preventing insect infestations and disease is not at the top of your list of exciting summer plans, why not leave it to a professional? If you’re in the Visalia, CA area, call The Experienced Gardener today for a quote.