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Why is Insect and Disease Control Important for Your Yard?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on February 22, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Nurturing and caring for your yard can increase the curb appeal of your home as well as foster pride in you as a homeowner. The hard work that is put into maintaining a well-groomed yard can be easily destroyed by diseases and insects that have invaded your yard. This can be frustrating and disheartening to a homeowner who has poured time and money into caring for their yard. This is when it is time to let the professionals come in and take care of the insects or diseases affecting your landscape.

Insect and disease control is essential for your yard because it will render everything you have done to have a well-cared-for lawn, ineffective. Without proper control and preventive measures, it will be difficult to have the yard you have worked towards.


There are numerous types of insects that can and will attack your yard if you aren’t doing preventative treatments. Which insect or insects find your yard appetizing will depend heavily on the type of plants and grass that you have. It is vital to have a professional assessment of your risk factors and insect issues to ensure that the treatment is appropriate and will do the job. 

Some of the insects that are most common in Visalia, CA are known for causing unsightly damage.

  • Aphids are a common insect plaguing the landscape and removing the nutrients from the plants that attack. The look of the plant will change. Instead of looking young and vibrant, they will look yellow and old. 
  • Lace Bugs are another parasitic insect that will damage the look and the overall growth of trees and shrubs. The telltale sign is the signature yellow marks they leave.
  • Mites are an all-encompassing insect that doesn’t discriminate against plants. They will attack all of the plants, grass, trees, and shrubs. They move fast and cause a large scope of damage.
  • Beetles are an insect that will not kill the plant but they will affect the production of plants that produce flowers and fruits. They will eat the leaves, the flowers, and the fruits off of plants and trees leaving you with nothing to show for your hard work. 


Diseases can be hard to diagnose, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. While insects leave apparent signs, the disease can be more subtle in the beginning until catastrophic damage has already happened. It can also be difficult to treat because of the spectrum of diseases. 

There are actually two different types of disease categories. 

  • Living agents are contagious and will spread from plant to plant quietly destroying your yard, flowers, and trees. There are treatment options at your local garden store but the chances of correctly diagnosing the disease and treating it correctly are low. It is best to call in the experts to diagnose and treat the disease.
  • Non-living agents are still diseases but they are not contagious. They will stay contained in the plant it has attacked. It should still be diagnosed and given the appropriate professional treatment to be able to save the plant.

If you are having insect and disease problems in the Visalia, CA area call the Experienced Gardener today for a free estimate.