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Invest in Weed Control that Actually Works

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on October 11, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Weeds are extremely frustrating. They can pop up in your freshly mowed yard quickly and make you feel like all of your hard work was for nothing. There is no shortage of weed control options on the market. Unfortunately, many homeowners have trouble finding a weed control option that actually works. Weeds are more than just an eyesore – they can be harmful to the grass that you want to grow in your yard. It is important to invest in weed control that actually works for the health of your grass and the look of your yard.

Weeds grow more quickly than grass

A big part of the reason weeds are so problematic is the fact that they can grow more quickly than grass. The roots of weeds are typically shallow and spread out. This design makes it easier for weeds to pop up and tower over your grass. Weeds can spread quickly as well. If you are trying to grow grass in bare spots of your lawn, it can be frustrating to see weeds fill up those spaces instead. Effective weed control is essential if you want to encourage the grass in your yard to grow

Weeds can steal nutrition from grass

Weeds grow quickly and can prevent your grass from expanding in the ways you want. In addition to growing quickly, weeds can steal away nutrition from your grass. Weeds need nutrients, water, and sunlight to grow – just like the grass. If there are weeds competing for that nutrition, it can leave less for your grass. Getting weeds out of the way will leave more nutrients for your grass.

Weeds are difficult to control

The way that weeds grow makes them difficult to control. You must get ahead of weeds if you want to prevent them from spreading throughout your yard. If you spend a lot of time experimenting with weed prevention and treatment options that ultimately do not work, it is more time that weeds have to spread on your property. You need to invest in weed control that actually works in order to get difficult weeds under control. The most effective option for weed control is to bring in professional help. A landscape professional has training, knowledge, equipment, and access to chemicals that are needed to effectively protect your yard from weeds. Weed control is an ongoing process because weeds will continuously try and invade your yard. You need to start by getting help eliminating any weeds that are currently in your yard. Once your yard is free from weeds, you need to get help keeping them from coming back. The best option for continued weed prevention is to set up regularly scheduled chemical weed treatment for your yard. In Visalia and surrounding areas, you can get help with weed treatment and prevention from the pros at The Experienced Gardener.

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