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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on July 19, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

If you live in Visalia, CA and have a problem with weed control, you aren’t alone. Property owners struggle with everything from a few pesky weeds in the garden to infestations of weeds that can affect the health and growth of the grass itself. Not only are residential areas affected, but commercial lots and properties can be blighted by weeds as well. When living in conditions conducive to weed growth, it’s important to know what you’re up against and what weed control services are available. For those living in Visalia, you’re in luck – The Experienced Gardener has the knowledge and experience necessary to keep weeds under control on your property.

Basic Lawn and Grass Weed Control

Is your front lawn a beautiful, green oasis? Or does it look more like a field of dandelions? While it’s nice to have a splash of color in your lawn and garden, it’s not ideal when that color comes from weeds. The Experienced Gardener will start at the basics in lawn and grass weed control. Their knowledge and experience will ensure the grass is trimmed to the appropriate level, soil is properly aerated, treatments are applied as needed, and the overall condition of the yard is conducive to healthy growth of grass – not weeds.

Commercial Weed Control

If you have a commercial property, the last thing you need is for a weed infestation to overtake your investment. Weeds that are allowed to grow unchecked look unsightly and can be a deterrent to potential customers. Not only do they affect the curb appeal of your property, but, if left untreated, weeds can affect the overall health of the soil and the very environment that healthy plants should be growing in.

Vegetation Control

Whether you have acreage, a residential lot, or a commercial property, there is always a chance vegetation can become unruly and overgrown. Vegetation is not going to stop growing if left to its own devices – so why spend your time struggling with it? The Experienced Gardener is well-equipped to handle vegetation control, boosting the curb appeal, value, and overall functionality of your property.

Lot Abatement and Clearing

Lot abatement and clearing is important for many reasons. Not only does it ensure you aren’t “that” person on the block with the unsightly, overgrown lot, but it is actually a preventative act for public safety. Lots that are overrun with weeds and excessive vegetation can be a hazard when it comes to wildfires – keeping your lot clear of weeds and vegetation will go a long way in protecting your property as well as that of your neighbors. Truth be told, reducing the risk of fire by lot abatement and clearing may save more than just properties – it could save lives. There are plenty of weed control services available for property owners in Visalia, CA. If you don’t know where to start and need help controlling weeds on a regular basis, call The Experienced Gardener today. Their professional staff will gladly provide an estimate and will work with you to make a customized plan for the unique needs of your property.