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Get Landscape Help for Your Visalia Lawn

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on August 16, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

A beautiful landscape is something that many homeowners aspire to have. The steps to getting a beautiful landscape seem straightforward at first: keep the grass mowed and kill the weeds. Unfortunately, as many frustrated homeowners have learned, the reality of caring for your landscape is more complicated. Threats like pests, disease, and weeds are constantly threatening your landscape. In addition, your flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs are all elements that impact how your landscape looks. In order to get the landscape you want, it is important to care for each element that makes up your landscape. The simple fact is that most people need some help getting and maintaining a beautiful landscape. You can get help with every element of your Visalia lawn and landscape or pick and choose the areas where you need extra help.

Weed, pest, and disease control

Weeds, pests, and disease are constantly threatening the health of your landscape. Grass can quickly become overrun with weeds. You can mow your grass on Saturday and have weeds popping up and ruining your landscape by Monday. Pests and disease can start infesting your yard without you realizing they are present. By the time you see the results of a pest or disease infestation it is likely that your grass has already sustained damage. The best way to protect your landscape from these threats is with proactive treatment against them. You can treat your yard with weed, pest, and disease control chemicals. You also have the option of bringing in a professional to help you protect your landscape from these common threats.

Aeration and fertilization

Aeration and fertilization are key elements to keeping your landscape healthy. Aeration helps open up the root systems of your lawn to let in nutrients and prevent it from becoming compacted. Fertilization provides your lawn with a boost of nutrition. These two tasks are typically done together – aeration first then fertilization – to provide your landscape with the most benefits. Aeration and fertilization both require specialized tools and knowledge to provide the best results. You can get help with the entire process by bringing in a lawn care professional. 

Tree and shrub care

The trees and shrubs in your yard are an important part of your landscape. Take a moment to imagine how your landscape would look without those foundational elements. If you are horrified at the idea of losing the trees and shrubs in your yard then you must take steps to protect them. Some of the tree and shrub care options you have include: seasonal fertilization, deep root feeds, winter dormant spray treatment, fire blight care, general fungicide spray, fruit and flower control, liquid fertilizer feeding, micronutrient treatment, miticide, olive fruit control, root builder treatment, soil additive, systemic tree care, anthracnose tree injections, tree insecticide spray, and water penetration improvement. You can get help with any or all of these treatment options by bringing in an expert in tree and shrub care. You can get landscape help for your Visalia lawn, shrubs, and trees from the pros at The Experienced Gardener. The Experienced Gardener offers a long list of services for every element of lawn and landscape care. If you are not sure what services you need, get in touch and schedule a time for a free inspection and estimate.

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