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Too Busy to Care for Your Lawn and Garden? Hire Help!

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on October 12, 2020 @ 9:00 am PST

Caring for your lawn and garden can be a big job, especially if you have a lot going on in your life. If you want to have a healthy and great looking lawn and garden without spending a lot of time on it, consider hiring help. A lawn care company like The Experienced Gardener can provide you with all of the services you need to keep your lawn and garden healthy. Some of the important services offered by The Experienced Gardener include weed control, disease control, pest control, and aeration and fertilization. 

Weed control

Keeping weeds out of your yard and garden is an essential part of keeping it looking good. Weed control is also important for the health of your lawn and garden. Weeds have shallow roots that can steal away nutrients before they have a chance to reach the roots of your grass and other plants. Weeds grow quickly and can overcome new or weak grass. Regular weed control, applied by a professional, is the most effective and efficient way to keep weeds out of your lawn and garden.  

Disease control

Disease is a big threat to the health of your grass, plants, trees, and shrubs. Widespread disease can leave you with splotchy grass, dead plants, and sickly trees. Disease control – like weed control – is most effective when applied consistently. You can set your lawn up for regularly scheduled treatment for disease to ensure that it is continually protected from the threat of disease. 

Pest control

Pests can cause damage to your grass, plants, and trees in a number of ways. There are some pests that eat on the roots of your plants and cause death from the root up. There are other pests that will eat the blades of grass or leaves of plants. There are also pests that can cause big problems for trees. As with weed and disease control, pest control must be done on a consistent basis to ensure continuous protection. The same pro that helps you protect your yard from weeds and disease can also help with pest control. 

Aeration and Fertilization

Aeration and fertilization are processes that can provide your lawn with a boost of nutrition. Aeration opens up the roots of your grass to air, water, and nutrients. Adding fertilizer after aeration allows the nutrients to get directly to the roots. The process of aeration requires specialized equipment that can be expensive to purchase yourself. Fortunately, you can hire a lawn care pro to take care of aerating and fertilizing your yard. This process does not have to be completed as frequently as weed, disease, and pest control – for many homes twice per year is a good place to start. 

The fact that you are too busy to care for your lawn and garden does not mean that you must give up hope of having the yard you want. You can get consistent help with all aspects of your lawn care from the pros at The Experienced Gardener. Call today to schedule an appointment to talk through your options for total lawn care.