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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on January 25, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

After working hard through spring and summer to keep your lawn looking its best, it can be quite a letdown to watch the beautiful green grass fade to brown as cool weather begins to roll in. But never fear - it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these tips to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, even in the winter months...and as a bonus, you’ll be ahead of the game for a lush, green lawn in the spring!

Keep Mowing Until It Stops Growing

As fall advances, gradually lower the grade of the lawnmower to begin cutting the grass shorter with each mow. Be sure to check winter height recommendations for the specific type of grass you have in your yard – you’ll want the final cut to be at the recommended level for winter grass height. Be careful not to cut it too short, which could lead to weed growth and disease. 


When the ground isn’t frozen, use winterizing slow-release fertilizer on the lawn to prepare for spring. It’s important to ensure your grass, trees, and shrubs have the nutrients they need to make it through the winter season and emerge healthier and stronger once warm weather arrives. 


Just before winter arrives, aerate your lawn as late in the season as possible. Aeration helps prevent thatch buildup and soil compaction which can block water and air that your grass desperately needs. As a bonus, breaking up thatch as winter arrives can also prevent certain types of snow molds from attacking your lawn. 

Control Weeds

Winter weeds can quickly take over a yard where routine lawn care has fallen by the wayside. Weeds steal nutrients and can choke out grass and other plants. Keeping the lawn healthy is a great way to prevent weed germination, so be sure you’re properly caring for the soil in addition to basic weeding and weed control treatments. 

Keep Salt and Salt Spray Away

Avoid dumping snow and ice on the lawn that was shoveled from salted sidewalks and driveways. Salt will remove moisture from the soil and grass blades, causing grass to turn brown and ultimately die when the roots are starved of water. 

Water When Possible

Water the lawn when the temperature is over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Long stretches of cool, dry weather in the winter can cause draught conditions for your lawn, so it’s important to keep it well-watered whenever the temperature permits. 

Tidy Up   

It’s a good idea to keep your yard clear of debris year-round, but especially during winter months. Not only will it make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing, but it will prevent unnecessary soil compaction and dead spots that tend to form under toys, bikes, and heavier objects resting on the grass. Cleaning up will also remove hiding places for rodents and other pests that could do additional unsightly damage to your lawn as they search for food and shelter in the winter. 

With a little routine maintenance, it is possible to maintain a beautiful lawn even in the colder months. It will require time and effort though, which is often in short supply during the holidays and the many activities of daily life. If you live in the San Joaquin Valley and would love to have a fantastic lawn and garden to greet your family and friends this winter season, get in touch with The Experienced Gardener today to let a professional ensure the health and beauty of your lawn year-round.