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Why Can’t I Get Rid of Weeds for Good?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on June 27, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

It seems like the worst things in life don’t need to be nurtured or encouraged to grow and take over. There is no work needed when it comes to having a lawn full of weeds, insects, or diseases. Have you ever heard the phrase “growing like a weed”? There has never been a truer statement made. The truth behind it is the reason why you can’t get rid of weeds on your lawn for good.

The weeds in your yard will take root and grow like you wish your fertilized and loved grass would. But without intensive, consistent, professional help your weed struggles will last.

Taking Care of Weeds for Good

While there isn’t really a way to have a one-and-done weed treatment, there are a few things that can be done to make the battle less intense over the long run.

Professional Services

It is very tempting to run into your local home and garden store in search of a less expensive weed-killing alternative. The commercial you see interrupting your favorite TV show makes it look so easy to just throw some fertilizer and weed control on once or twice a year to get the yard of your dreams. However, this is not how those beautiful lawns happen. To have a lush, weed-free lawn, it will take professional services from the experts.

A targeted approach is really what is needed to take care of weed problems long-term. Each weed requires a certain approach that will be most effective and if you have a combination of weed issues it is important to have the knowledge base to treat them correctly without canceling the treatments out.  Using a reputable professional for long-term weed control is the way to go if you want a weed-free yard year-round.

Weed Services

When it comes to weed services, it is important to understand what type of weed or weeds you are dealing with. The appropriate treatment is imperative so you have long-term success with keeping weeds from invading your lawn. Timing also matters when it comes to the types of weeds and treatments. Desirable plants are not the only foliage that falls into perennial and annual categories. If you are treating weeds during the wrong time of year the treatment will be a waste of time and money. That is where the professionals come in. They know what the weeds are and when they need to be treated for maximum effectiveness. If you are struggling with weeds and don’t know where to start, contact your local professionals at The Experienced Gardener today for a free quote to get your weeds under control.