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Who Provides Lawn Care Services in Visalia CA

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on November 15, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Getting and maintaining a healthy yard is a process that requires consistency and a number of important lawn care services. Taking care of your lawn is about much more than mowing, trimming, and watering. You also need to protect your lawn from threats and take steps to improve its health over time. Once you understand the services that you need to properly care for your lawn, you can find a company in Visalia, CA that offers the services on your list.

Services to protect your lawn from threats

There are several things that threaten the look and health of your Visalia, CA lawn. Weeds can quickly overtake your yard and make it look like it has been neglected. Pests can damage the root systems of your lawn as well as the grass blades and lead to a yard that looks splotchy or dead. Disease can cause widespread damage to your lawn including discoloration and death. Each of these threats can cause serious issues for your lawn and, unfortunately, many yards experience issues with multiple threats at once. You can get professional chemical lawn care to protect your lawn from these common threats.

Services to improve the health of your lawn

It is also important to think about services that can improve the health of your lawn. If the goal is to have a lush, beautiful lawn then you need your grass to grow and be healthy. Healthy grass starts at the soil level. You need to take steps to ensure that your soil gets the nutrients it needs to keep your grass healthy. Aeration and fertilization are two lawn care services that can improve the health of your grass and help you get a beautiful lawn. Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from your lawn and opening up the root system.

Immediately following aeration, fertilizer will be applied which allows it to get directly to the roots. These steps go hand-in-hand and can have a significant impact on the health of your lawn. A lawn care pro will have the tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to aerate and fertilize your lawn.

Where to find complete lawn care services in Visalia, CA

You can find complete lawn care services in Visalia, CA from The Experienced Gardener. The pros at The Experienced Gardener offer a range of services that will protect your lawn from common threats that build up its health. You can pick and choose which services you want or allow one of the experts to assess your lawn's needs and recommend services to you.

Reach out to The Experienced Gardener today to discover which lawn care services will help you get the lawn you want. There are plenty of options for lawn care in Visalia, CA. At The Experienced Gardener, we would be honored to provide you with an estimate and show you how we can meet all of your lawn care needs.