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When Should You Consider Lawn Aeration Service?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on January 02, 2023 @ 9:00 am PST

Lawn aeration may not be as familiar to you as mowing the grass, and it shouldn’t be. When the weather is nice, you may be mowing every weekend. But aerating your lawn should only be done once a year at the most, depending on your soil type. A yard with lots of clay in it will be aerated more often than a yard that is made up of sandy loam. Knowing when your yard needs to be aerated can be difficult to discern. Hiring a professional lawn care service can not only give you advice when it is time to aerate your yard, but they can also help fight disease, pests, and weeds.

Why does my yard need to be aerated?

Many people do not realize that regular walking and playing on your lawn can actually cause a lawn to be packed down, preventing water, oxygen, and room for the crucial roots to thrive. If the roots do not have what they need, the turf on top will begin to die in sections that see the highest amount of activity from your family. Lawn aeration can fix this problem and can give your lawn the boost it needs so it can thrive once again.

What is lawn aeration?

Instead of tilling your yard and destroying your grass just to loosen the soil, lawn aeration is the process of pulling out plugs of soil throughout the packed areas of your yard, while leaving the majority of your lawn intact. This helps get oxygen down to the roots by loosing up the compacted earth. The holes left behind after a plug of dirt is pulled out will not only allow air to get to the roots, but fertilizer and water will also have easy access to the roots.  Using a handheld aerator on a small patch of lawn will not take too much time. But to aerate your whole yard, especially a lawn of a good size, hiring a lawn care service to aerate your lawn will have the equipment to complete the job in a timely manner. A professional lawn care company will use a pull behind aerator to quickly and effectively aerate your entire yard.

Professional services

If you have a professional lawn care business tending to spots in your lawn that need aerating, looking into the other services they provide could also be helpful in many different areas of your yard.  Pests, diseases, and weeds can also cause all sorts of problems in your yard.  Having that experienced eyes of a lawn professional treat your yard for more problems that just aeration needs will give your yard the best chance to thrive. Other services that can really make a difference in your yard are:

  • Weed control
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Rodent control
  • Snail control
  • Soil acidification
  • Water penetration improvement

If you notice your lawn is not thriving in areas where you family often hangs out, it is time to consider lawn aeration. If you are in Fresno County and need someone to professionally aerate your yard, give the best lawn care professionals at The Experienced Gardener a call today!