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What to Expect from Professional Fertilization Services

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on September 13, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Properly fertilizing your lawn involves much more than spreading a commercial fertilizer out over the grass a couple of times a year. If you want to get real benefits from fertilization then you need to dig deeper into what it means to properly fertilize your lawn. Once you realize how much work is required to provide your lawn with the nutrition it needs, you may want to consider professional fertilization services. Before you can decide if you want to stick with DIY fertilization or bring in the pros, you need to learn what to expect from professional fertilization services.

The benefits of well-fertilized soil

Before you decide if professional fertilization services are right for your lawn, it helps to learn about the benefits of having well-fertilized soil. Fertilization is designed to help your soil stay healthy so it can provide your lawn with the nutrition it needs to look good. Well fertilized soil can help reduce disease and make your turf more resilient to pests. The fertilization process can get your soil to a proper pH level and make it easier to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. Overall, a well-fertilized lawn will look healthier and be healthier because the soil has the nutrients it needs.

Fertilization services

Fertilization services are not limited to applying fertilizer to your lawn. These services can also include soil acidification and fertilization, aeration, tree and shrub fertilization, bed fertilization, deep root feed, gypsum application, liquid feeding, root builder, and water penetration improvement. Some of the fertilization services are meant to make the process of fertilization more effective. For example, aeration is a process that is completed before fertilizer is applied to ensure that the nutrients get to the roots of your grass. Fertilization services include a range of options that are designed to optimize the health of your landscape.

When are fertilization services necessary?

Fertilization services are necessary if you have a yard that is unhealthy or you simply do not have time to keep up with the proper fertilization schedule. Homeowners and business owners commonly invest in professional fertilization services to improve the health and look of their landscape. Providing your lawn, trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds with the fertilization that they need – on the proper schedule – can be a time-consuming and complex task. If you are not familiar with these processes and do not have the necessary tools then you will spend time and money trying to figure it out. Let the professionals at The Experienced Gardener help you get your landscape on a fertilization schedule that will keep it healthy and protect it from threats. You can choose to get set up on a maintenance plan or bring in professional help on an as-needed basis. The pros at The Experienced Gardener can help you decide which fertilization services you need in order to get the yard of your dreams.