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What Should I Do if a Tree is Dying in My Yard?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on September 12, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

A good tree in your yard can provide shade, entertainment as you and your family watch birds or squirrels scamper across the branches, and it can also make your backyard have an inviting ambiance. But if you notice that your tree isn’t looking its best, you may start to wonder what you should do if the tree starts to die. Preventing a tree from being damaged should always be a priority. But learning the signs of what a dying tree looks like will help you be prepared if you should need to have it taken down before it becomes a problem. If you are ever concerned about a tree in your yard, calling a professional immediately to evaluate if and when a tree needs to be taken down will save you worry and possibly keep someone from injury or your home from being harmed.


Making sure that the trees in your yard stay healthy may mean protecting the tree by:

  • Preventing the bark from being  pulled off or damaged
  • Be careful during lawn care to not strike the trunk or roots
  • Do not heavily mulch around the tree because it could prevent the roots from getting oxygen
  • Water the tree during times of drought
  • Prune regularly, especially when dead limbs are hanging off the tree

Signs of a tree dying

Despite your best efforts, your tree may still die. Identify these signs early so you can begin to make a plan of how and when to take the tree down to prevent injury or damage to your home.

  • Leaning to one side could be a sign of poor structure but it can be a sign of damage from a storm
  • Decay is often inside. But if you see dead branches or easily breakable wood or even mushroom-like spores, you may have spotted the decay.
  • If the branches do not look very well attached, it will give your tree an overall look of unhealthiness. This can be dangerous because the limbs may fall without warning.
  • If branches break off easily, this is a definite sign that your tree has a serious problem.

If you see any of these problems with a tree in your yard, you need to call a professional immediately to assess the problem. It is possible that the tree can be braced or treated for disease if caught early enough. But if the tree is dying, you will want a professional to determine how to safely take the tree down so that no one is harmed and your home is left intact.

If you need a professional to treat your tree for disease or would just like an experienced technician to evaluate what could be done about the tree in your yard, in Visalia, give the friendly team at The Experienced Gardener a call today.