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What Can I Do During the Winter to Help My Yard Thrive in the Spring?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on January 09, 2023 @ 9:00 am PST

The long winter months of chilly, wet weather can make you long for spring. But if you are wanting to get a jump on yard tasks now to make sure your yard is thriving and popping with color once spring rolls around, there are a few things you can do. Knowing you are doing the most you can to make your yard look amazing this spring will help you endure the dreary winter days.

Clean up the yard

As winter weather blows in, you can begin cleaning up everything that Autumn left behind. Raking up piles of leaves and removing them from your property will prevent rodents from infesting your yard, looking for a place to nestle down for the winter. Getting rid of any organic debris that has fallen from trees over the fall will also make sure your yard gets sunshine through the winter months.

Prune your trees

While pruning too close to a freeze can actually kill any new growth that comes up as a result of the pruning, removing dead limbs or branches or trimming shrubs that are overgrown will help keep your plants healthy. If there isn’t sufficient air flow through shrubs and trees, disease can set in during warmer months. Pruning during the winter can also be helpful because with the open wound from cutting the plant, the winter weather won’t let bacteria get into the plant the way it can happen during a warm spring.

Treat for pests

During the last month of winter before spring arrives, you can treat your yard for insect pests that may lie dormant under the ground. By applying a dormant pest control spray, you are able to kill any bugs or their eggs before they emerge on the first warm spring day. This will reduce the amount of bugs that buzz through your yard, benefitting your plants, lawn, and even yourself.

Rodents could also destroy your yard over the winter months because of the bugs that are sleeping in the ground. These insects are easy for bug-eating rodents to dig up and consume. By eliminating the bugs, your yard does not have to turn into a dirt mound feeding frenzy.

If making your yard ready for the lovely growth of spring seems like too much, hiring a lawn care service that specializes in pest control and disease control can be the perfect solution. In Fresno County, CA, the best lawn care service that can tend to your yard in every season is The Experienced Gardener. If you want round the year care for your yard, give The Experienced Gardener a call today.