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Weed Control and Prevention in Fresno

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on May 23, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

Ask anyone who has a garden, flowerbeds, or a lawn if they have had to deal with weeds taking over parts of their yard and you will probably always get an affirmative response, with a hint of irritation. Weeds can be relentless. Controlling weeds and keeping them from choking out your beloved plants or beautiful lawn can be tricky. Unless you are content to weekly get on your hands and knees and pull weeds, you may want to hire a professional service to control the weeds in your Fresno yard and prevent them from coming back every season.

What kind of weeds are in my yard?

An experienced professional can tell you that there are three main types of weeds that can attack your yard. The three kinds are:

  • Weeds that return year after year are known as perennials. Getting every last root out of the ground can be difficult because of their extensive root systems. If anything is left in the ground, the weeds will return.
  • Weeds that spring up quickly but die-off are known as annual weeds. But don’t be comforted that they won’t also return. Annual weeds spread a lot of seeds in their short lifetime and you could have an even bigger problem next year.
  • Weeds that need to be killed with chemicals because they are constantly producing baby plants that fall off and start new parent plants are called bulbil-producing weeds.

Being able to identify what kind of weeds you have, can help you decide on the correct treatment. Calling a professional is always a good idea when it comes to vegetation control because they have the equipment and expertise to treat many different kinds of weeds so that you are simply left with a yard that is thriving and weed-free.


When looking for the right professional to hire in Fresno, be sure to look through the services they offer, specifically in weed control and prevention. You won’t always know what kind of weeds will attack your lawn and having an experienced lawn care company will be prepared for anything that pops up in your yard. Look for lawn services that eradicate:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Bermuda grass
  • Nutgrass
  • Thistles
  • Nutsedge
  • Clover
  • Dallisgrass

Weeds can take over fast and make a big mess of your once well-manicured garden or yard. Hiring a professional lawn care service that has experience with chemical lawn care can ensure you that they are prepared for any type of weed.  An added advantage to having a professional use chemical lawn care when necessary is that if you ever have disease or pests invading your yard, they will be able to identify it and eradicate the problem before it gets out of hand. For residents in Fresno, CA, turn your weed problem over to the professionals at The Experienced Gardener who will stop at nothing to get those weeds and any other unwelcome thing out of your yard for good.