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Top Reasons Businesses Should Continue Getting Lawn Care Services in the Fall

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on October 19, 2020 @ 9:00 am PST

If you own or run a business, there are a lot of factors to consider as part of your job. You have to put effort into the part of your business that earns the money – the service or product you sell – but you also have to take care of other elements of your business. These ‘other’ elements may not directly bring in money but they can have an impact on whether or not customers choose to interact with your business. One of these elements that you need to keep up with as business owner is your landscaping. The way the grass, plants, and exterior of your business look can draw in or deter potential customers. A simple way to keep up with it is by hiring a lawn care company to maintain the exterior of your business. This makes sense to most business owners in the spring and summer when grass is growing and flowers are blooming. But what about the fall? In the fall the growing season for many types of plants moves toward dormancy. While it is true that there will be less plant growth to deal with during the fall it does not mean you should completely stop getting professional lawn care services as the weather cools. The reality is that a dormant lawn still needs care, debris will accumulate in the fall, and there are some plants that thrive in the cooler months.  

A dormant lawn still needs care

A dormant lawn needs less frequent attention than one that is actively growing. However, the landscaping of your business still needs some care even when it is not actively growing. Continuing with professional lawn care services in the fall will help protect your lawn from threats, get it the nutrition it needs, and allow for early detection of problems. During the fall a lawn care professional will make sure that your landscaping is protected from threats like weeds, pests, and disease. If your grass, trees, or shrubs need nutrition, a lawn care pro can provide services such as aeration, fertilization, and deep root feedings. Maintaining professional lawn care services throughout the fall is a way to ensure that the landscaping of your business gets the care it needs all year long. 

Debris will accumulate in the fall

Businesses also need professional lawn care services in the fall because it‘s a time of year when debris is highly likely to accumulate. As leaves fall from nearby trees, they can accumulate along the sidewalk, pile up next to the building, and cover the walkways around your business. As the weather cools, some plants will die off and add to the debris level. If you choose to continue getting lawn care services in the fall, you will not have to worry about the negative impact of debris on the look and health of your landscape.  

Lawn care services can benefit the exterior of your business all year long. The way the landscaping of your business looks can have a big impact on the perception that current and potential customers have of your business. Be sure and provide a positive impression by maintaining professional lawn care services through the fall.