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The Best Chemical Lawn Care Services in Fresno County

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on January 23, 2023 @ 9:00 am PST

Hiring a professional lawn care service can be a big game changer when it comes to the health and appearance of your yard. You could spend endless hours fighting insect infestation or even disease that leaves your property looking unhealthy and patchy. A professional who offers chemical lawn care services can bring your yard back to looking healthy and happy sooner than you think. Entrusting your yard to a professional lawn care service will give you the yard of your dreams without having to spend every Saturday tending to your property.

What does chemical lawn care mean?

By using insecticides and herbicides, chemical lawn care treats your lawn for many different issues such as weeds, disease, rodents, or insects that can damage your lawn or shrubs. Protect your yard by having a professional lawn care service stand guard by using chemical lawn care that keeps working between regular lawn maintenance appointments.

Rodent infestation

Pest infestations from pests like gophers, moles, and voles can really tear up your yard with their endless tunnels and mounds. Watching the tunnels criss crossing across your yard will make your once green lawn look like an underground maze. Your beloved garden plants may also suffer as the mole tunnels disrupt the short shallow roots of new  plants. A lawn care service that has experience with pest removal will prevent rodents from tearing up your yard.

In Fresno County, CA, chemical lawn care services can identify issues with your lawn and begin eliminating them so you can once again, enjoy your yard without stickers, mole tunnels, and patchy, ugly grass. Routine treatments can prevent your yard from being plagued by several kinds of diseases and pests. Services and treatments provided include:

  • Turf insecticide
  • Miticide
  • Tree insecticide spray
  • Anthracnose tree injections
  • Winter dormant spray
  • Fire blight
  • General fungicide spray

Other services

When it comes to keeping your yard looking its best, a lawn care service that provides more than just basic mowing and blowing services can really set your yard apart. Chemical lawn care has many benefits. In addition, an experienced lawn service can also provide services like skilled vegetation control as well tree and shrub care, and aeration. Not only will an experienced lawn care service know how to treat your yard, but they will also know how to provide the attention to detail that will make your yard look amazing . If a company has been around for a while, they know how to keep their customers coming back.

For chemical lawn care services and regular maintenance of your Fresno County yard, give the trusted team at The Experienced Gardener a call today to set up your first inspection.