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Pay Attention to the Condition of the Trees in Your Yard

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on August 07, 2020 @ 5:16 pm PST

The grass, flowers, and other plants in your yard require attention almost daily. The size of these plants makes them susceptible to changes in weather, lack of water, and threats like weeds, pests, and disease. You can see the change in these plants very quickly when something is causing harm. Trees, on the other hand, are a different story. You do not have to provide trees with daily attention in order for them to survive. However, they are at risk for harm and even death from seemingly small threats. It takes quite a bit of time to see the impact of those threats on the health of a tree. Trees are different than the other plants in your yard but they still require some attention.

Common threats to the health of trees

The threats to the health of trees include pests, disease, malnutrition, and damage. Pests and disease can seem like small threats when compared to the size of a tree. The reality is that pests and disease both have the ability to severely damage and even kill a tree over time. You can watch for signs of disease on the bark, the branches, and the leaves of a tree. Growths or oozing on the trunk of the tree can be a sign of trouble. Growths on the branches are also a potential sign of disease. Spotting and discoloration of the leaves can point to disease as well. Any unusual change in those areas should put you on alert. If pests are causing damage to a tree it typically shows up in the bark – look for rows of holes or wood that seems to be rotting – both are potential signs of pest activity. Malnutrition is a serious threat to trees but can be difficult to spot until it is severe. Trees can become damaged from storms or human action. Over time, these common treats can lead to big problems for the trees in your yard.

Options for protecting trees from threats

Protecting the trees in your yard from threats is important because losing a tree to one of those threats can be devastating. A dead or dying tree is a potential danger to your house and the people who spend time in your yard. In addition, it can be very expensive to remove a tree that is dead and completely change the aesthetic of your yard. You can prevent major problems from occurring with your trees by paying attention to their condition. There are treatment options to protect your teeth from pests, disease, and malnutrition.

You can get help caring for the condition of your trees from the experts at The Experienced Gardener. We offer chemical treatment against pests and disease as well as systemic injections to give your trees a boost of nutrition. Get in touch with The Experienced Gardener today if you are ready to start protecting the health of your trees.