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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on February 08, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

After a long summer of yardwork, it’s likely that weed control is not high on your to-do list, especially with the arrival of tailgate parties and back-to-school activities. However, planning and preparation is key when it comes to preventing winter weeds. Winter weed control is crucial to maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn year-round, so follow these steps in other seasons to ensure your lawn isn’t overrun by weeds during the cooler months. 

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

A healthy lawn will encourage strong root systems for grass growth, leaving little room for invasive weeds to germinate and spread. Study up on the type of grass present in your yard and be sure to aerate and fertilize appropriately in the fall. Prepping your grass for winter with an abundance of nutrients will keep it healthy and resistant to invasions of winter weeds as the weather turns. 

Maintain an Appropriate Grass Height

Even throughout the fall, keep mowing your grass as long as it continues growing. Know the recommended height for the type of grass in your yard so you can keep it in the proper range of growth. If grass is too short, weeds can easily embed themselves in the soil and will easily receive sunlight needed for them to grow. Keeping grass cut and properly maintained leads to healthy, dense grass and more shade cover for the soil. The density prevents easy access to the soil; if any weeds do happen to slip through, increased shade stunts growth by reducing the amount of sunlight the weeds receive. Tip: If you already have a significant problem with weeds in your yard, be sure to bag the clippings when mowing so you don’t spread them even more throughout the lawn. 

Apply a Pre-Emergent Treatment

Stop winter weeds before they start growing by attacking the seeds with a pre-emergent treatment. Take note of the winter weeds you’ve seen in the past and choose the appropriate treatment for those species. A pre-emergent treatment is important to prevent growth in the cooler months; if weeds are allowed to grow unchecked, they can spread with a vengeance when spring rolls around. Use caution when choosing treatments, keeping in mind health and safety hazards for pets and family members that may come in contact with the grass on a regular basis. 

Use a Post-Emergent Treatment 

If there are already winter weeds actively growing in the yard, investigate which post-emergent treatment would be most effective for that specific type of weed. Apply spot treatments or full coverage over affected areas to kill existing winter weeds and prevent them from spreading further throughout the season. 

Winter weed prevention can be an overwhelming task that requires knowledge of the types of weeds invading your yard, their life cycle, and how to best tailor your prevention methods to avoid a lawn that’s overrun throughout the winter months. Given the financial investment in supplies and time required throughout the year to prevent winter weeds, it may be worth hiring a professional to keep a tight reign on winter weeds and ensure your lawn is healthy and strong – if you live in Fresno, CA or the surrounding area, contact The Experienced Gardener today to discuss your lawncare needs.