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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on June 14, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

After spending hours toiling in the sun to keep your grass looking its best, it can be incredibly disappointing to find brown spots on your lawn. Even more frustrating is not knowing the cause of the problem and what the appropriate solution is…if this sounds all-too-familiar to you, here’s how to deal with brown spots on your lawn:

1. Identify the Cause

Are the brown spots the result of human or animal interference? Scattered debris? Pests or a fungal disease? If you don’t know what is causing the problem, you might end up spending time and money on solutions that won’t even treat the real issue at hand. Do your research – there are several things that can lead to a brown spot in the yard. Some simple digging (no pun intended!) should help you unearth the root cause.

2. Treat the Problem

Based on your findings in step one, it’s time to make the necessary changes. Some examples include:

  • Overuse of fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides can burn the grass, leaving brown patches. Be sure you know how to properly apply these substances to the yard, being careful to not spill excess product that could cause further discoloration and damage.
  • Dull mower blades can damage the grass and its ability to properly grow. Uneven areas in the yard may cause the mower to cut grass too short in elevated areas, causing even more damage. Keep your mower blades sharp and carefully smooth out high spots in the yard to ensure your hard work mowing the lawn isn’t causing you more problems in the long run.
  • Poor environmental conditions like compacted soil or buried debris can quickly lead to brown spots – be sure the lawn is properly aerated, and do a little digging (figuratively AND literally!) to check for debris when you’re treating those pesky brown patches.
  • Common problems like thatch, fungal disease, and insects may be the cause of the brown spots blighting your beautiful green grass. Clear out thatch that could be choking the healthy grass, eliminate insects and other pests that may have taken over an area, and maintain good air circulation and sunlight coverage to clear up any fungal disease that might be present.

3. Practice Preventative Lawn Care

Proper lawn care isn’t as simple as it might seem. Be sure you’re taking the appropriate steps to keep a healthy soil environment through aeration, weed control, and mowing to the correct height based on the type of grass you have. Prevent infestations and fungal disease by keeping pests under control and creating a non-welcoming environment for fungus. Keep your mower well maintained and ready to work when the next mowing season rolls around. If you have brown spots in your lawn, it’s important to take action. Not only will there be work on your part to determine and treat the problem, but it will require ongoing steps to keep your lawn healthy, beautiful, and strong. This may seem like a lot of work…and you’re right, it is! If you have a lot on your plate already, it may be worth taking advantage of the knowledge and experience a professional lawncare company can provide. If you live in the Visalia, CA area, give The Experienced Gardener a call today for a free consultation to find out how they can best serve you.