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Get Lawn Care Services That are Kid and Pet-Friendly

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on March 08, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

The best lawn care professionals understand that getting help with your lawn involves more than simply making sure things look good. Your lawn is an extension of your home which means that it is an extension of your family. It is a place where your kids and pets play. You want it to look beautiful to anyone who drives by but the people who really matter are those who spend time in your yard each day. This means that you need to only consider lawn care services that are kid and pet-friendly. In addition, you need to ensure that the services you choose will create a lawn that your kids and pets can enjoy. 

Kid and Pet-Friendly Lawn Care Services

Many of the lawn care services that improve the look and health of your yard involve chemical application. In order to kill off weeds, disease, and pests it typically requires some type of pesticide, fungicide, or insecticide. These chemicals are typically concerning to parents and pet owners who wonder if it is safe for kids and pets to be in a yard that has received one of these treatments. These are legitimate concerns! There are a number of treatment options and methods that are kid and pet-friendly. However, you should not assume that every lawn care provider automatically uses the option that is the most kid and pet-friendly. When you have the initial conversation with a lawn care provider, ask about the safety of the treatment options. Choose a lawn care provider who offers treatment options that are safe for the people (and pets) you love the most. 

Services that Make Your Lawn Usable

If you have kids and pets then you need a lawn that is usable. In many cases, this means that you need a yard that can take some abuse. You want your kids out there running around and playing in the grass. You do not want to worry about the yard being delicate or dangerous. Because of this, you need to choose services that build up the strength of your yard and protect against things such as sticker burrs. A strong lawn starts at the roots. In order to build up the strength of your lawn you need to give some attention to the roots. Services like aeration, fertilization, and soil additives can all improve the strength of your grass from the roots up. Another service that will allow your kids and pets to enjoy your yard is weed control. Some weeds are simply ugly while others can make your yard unusable. Talk to your lawn care provider about your goals for your lawn in order to find the services that will allows your loved ones to enjoy playing outside. 

If you are looking for a lawn care provider who offers kid and pet-friendly services, consider The Experienced Gardener. We specialize in kid and pet-friendly services and make sure each technician is trained in their proper application. You can call and set up a free consultation to discuss options and pricing.