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Fresno County chemical lawn care services

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on October 17, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

Weeds can sneak in and kill entire patches of your beautiful, green grass, leaving your yard looking patchy and struggling.  To keep weeds from destroying the look of your lawn, many homeowners use chemical lawn care services to guarantee the weeds and other diseases or pests do not have a chance to weaken and kill their grass.  Keeping your lawn healthy so you, your family, and your pets can enjoy your yard is definitely the goal. In Fresno, CA, chemical lawn care services can make a big difference in the health of your lawn so you can get the most out of your outdoor space.

What is chemical lawn care?

Chemical lawn care is the use of herbicides or insecticides to treat your lawn for pests or diseases that may wreak havoc on your lawn. By applying chemical lawn care at regular intervals throughout the year, there will never be a time when a disease or pest can creep in and destroy your yard.

Weeds can creep in and choke out plants and lawns in a heartbeat, leaving patches of no grass once the weeds are removed. Letting weeds have free reign over the yard only spreads more seeds and underground roots so the following year, they have a stronger hold on your yard.  Weeds spring up and block sunlight or take up vital root space from the plants you love. Stopping weeds before they take off is the best way to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Disease can be difficult to eliminate because its presence is not so evident or out in the open until your lawn starts to die. Unless you have a trained eye to spot disease early, your lawn’s health can suffer, leaving it an uneven, splotchy disaster. Identifying which disease it is so it can be treated properly is also a difficult challenge. A trained technician can apply chemical lawn care so that the disease is eliminated before it can affect large areas of your yard.

Pests are another devastating enemy to your lawn. Insects and rodents can infest your lawn, causing real damage to your lawn as well as to many of your ornamental trees.


You do not want to be caught on your heels in a pest or disease invasion on your lawn. Set up a regular chemical lawn care treatment for your yard before you see parts of it dying. Preventing disease, pests, and weeds from destroying your yard starts with hiring the right professional to provide regular treatment and maintenance to your yard.

In Fresno, CA, there is one chemical lawn care service that has the experience and care to not only treat your lawn, but give their customers the peace of mind they need about their yards. The team at The Experienced Gardener listens to your concerns and gives you the best custom chemical lawn care that fits your needs. Call The Experienced Gardener today.