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Four Reasons Your Lawn Is Not Thriving

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on March 01, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Your lawn is a living thing that has a variety of needs. This fact can make it difficult to identify the reason why your lawn is not thriving. Determining why your lawn is not thriving is the first step in figuring out what it needs in order to become healthy once again. It is common for there to be multiple reasons your lawn is not thriving because many of the issues are interrelated. If your lawn is not thriving, it may be because weeds are stealing nutrition from your grass, pests are destroying the root system of your lawn, disease is killing off your grass, and/or your lawn is lacking nutrition. 

Weeds are stealing nutrition from your grass

Weeds are a common problem in yards throughout the country. They grow more quickly than grass because of their shallow root systems. Weeds can pop up quickly and cause your yard to look unhealthy. In addition, weeds can choke out what little grass you actually have. Weeds can steal nutrition from surrounding grass and prevent it from growing like you want. Sometimes, the weeds overtake the grass completely and cause it to die off. If your lawn is full of weeds, they may be a main part of the reason your lawn is not thriving. In order to get new grass to grow, you need to deal with any weeds that will get in the way. 

Pests are destroying the root system of your lawn

Pests are another potential culprit that can prevent a lawn from thriving. There are several types of pests that target the root system of your lawn. Some pests eat away at the roots while other – like moles – destroy the roots by burrowing through them. If the root system of your lawn is under attack you will eventually see the impact on the surface. Your grass cannot get stronger and grow if pests are destroying the roots. 

Disease is killing off your grass

Disease can kill off your grass and prevent your yard from thriving. Disease can be difficult to identify if you are not trained to notice the signs. Because of this, many homeowners miss the signs of disease until it spreads to a level where it is obvious that something is wrong. Disease that is not addressed quickly and properly can kill off the grass you currently have and prevent new grass from growing. 

Your lawn is lacking nutrition

Like your body, your lawn needs nutrition. Water and sunlight are important for your lawn but they are not the only things it needs. Your soil can become depleted of nutrients over time. If you do not provide additional nutrition from time to time it can prevent your yard from thriving. And, a lawn that is lacking nutrition is at a greater risk from other threats like weeds, pests, and disease. Tasks such as aeration, fertilization, and soil additives can all help provide the nutrition your lawn is lacking. 

If your lawn is not thriving, there is a reason. It may take some investigating and experimenting to discover the underlying reason why your lawn isn’t thriving. Ultimately, the only way to keep your lawn healthy is to protect against anything that threatens it. You can get help discovering and treating the reasons your lawn is not thriving by bringing in a lawn care professional. In Visalia, Fresno, and surrounding areas, you can get help with all of your lawn care needs from The Experienced Gardener.