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Find a Local Company that Can Help You Care for Your Shrubs and Trees

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on November 01, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

The shrubs and trees in your yard need regular care in order to stay in top condition. These plants make up a significant part of the landscape in your yard. If you neglect the care of these large plants it can lead to serious problems in the future. For example, having a tree removed because of serious disease or death can be expensive and leave a void in your landscape. You can provide your trees and shrubs with the care they need to stay healthy by finding a local company that specializes in landscape care. A local landscape company can help you protect your shrubs and trees from overgrowth, pests, and disease. In addition, a landscape pro can provide your trees and shrubs with important nutrients.

Protect against overgrowth

Overgrowth can threaten the health and look of your shrubs and trees. There are many types of trees and shrubs that require regular pruning in order to maintain optimum health. Overgrowth can also threaten your home and potentially your family. A tree that is allowed to grow without any type of intervention can eventually start to hang over your home, driveway, or other structures around your property. If part of the tree dies or gets damaged, branches can fall onto your property and lead to serious damage. Falling branches can also be a risk to the people who spend time in your yard. Unattended shrubs can cause damage with root systems that are allowed to grow too close to your house. For example, some types of shrubs have roots that can damage pipes. Getting professional care for your shrubs and trees will help protect against the potential side effects that come with overgrowth.

Protect against pests and disease

Pests and disease can wreak havoc on the trees and shrubs in your yard. Tiny pests can eat away at a tree until it gets to a point where it poses a risk to your property and the people who spend time in your yard. Disease can quickly spread throughout the plants in your yard and impact the health of your shrubs and trees. Disease can cause your plants to look unhealthy and may even lead to plant death. It can be difficult for homeowners to accurately spot the signs of pests and disease until damage has already been done. Bring in a lawncare pro to check that your shrubs and trees are healthy and provide treatment if needed.

Provide nutrition

It can be easy to forget that your trees and shrubs need additional nutrients from time to time. If your grass is lacking some type of nutrient, you can quickly see that there is something wrong by looking at the condition of your grass. It takes longer for your shrubs and trees to show outward signs of deficiency. A tree and shrub pro can provide your plants with deep root feedings and systemic injections to provide important nutrients. Protect your landscape by keeping your trees and shrubs in top condition. If you want help with the trees and shrubs in your yard, get in touch with the pros at The Experienced Gardener