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Don’t Forget about Your Yard this Summer

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on June 10, 2020 @ 6:57 am PST

The tasks you need to complete each day to care for your lawn and garden can vary throughout the year. During the fall, tasks like mowing and trimming slow down but tasks such as cleaning up debris can increase. Your yard always needs some attention even though the type and amount will vary depending on the season. The spring is a fun time to work in the yard because it is a time of growing and the weather is often temperate. Some people find that the motivation to be out working in the yard starts to wane as the hotter weather of summer moves in. But it is important to keep paying attention to your yard during the summer. In order to properly care for your yard throughout the summer you need to keep growth under control, provide it with the nutrients it needs, and protect it from threats.

Keep grass growth under control

For many types of grass, summer is an active growing season. This means that you will need to continue mowing and trimming throughout the summer. This task is about more than just keeping your yard looking good. Keeping the growth of your yard under control also protects the health of your grass. Overgrown grass can hide problems like weeds, pests, and disease. When those issues are hidden from view it will take you longer to notice their presence and take action against them. Overgrown grass can also be a haven for pests that can damage your yard and invade your home. Keeping your grass mowed and trimmed will keep it looking good and help you protect it from threats.

Provide your yard with the nutrients it needs

During the summer your yard needs nutrients. The hot summer sun and dryer months can lead to a yard that looks brown and unhealthy. You need to provide water and additional nutrients throughout the summer to keep your grass healthy. Aeration and fertilization are two steps you can take to provide extra nutrients to your yard. Providing your yard with nutrients during the summer is a way for you to give it the care it needs.

Protect your yard from threats

There are a number of threats to your yard that are present during the summer. The top threats are weeds, disease, and pests. You need to actively protect against them during the summer to prevent damage to your yard. Keeping your yard mowed and providing nutrients both help protect it from these threats. You can also invest in chemical protection against these threats throughout the summer.

Don’t forget about your yard this summer! It is hot outside but the reality is that your lawn needs your help. If you cannot find the time to give your yard the attention it needs – or simply don’t want to be out there in the heat – the pros at The Experienced Gardener can help you with these and other lawn care needs.

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