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Do I Need Weed Control During the Summer?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on July 18, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

One easy way to erase any hard work you have done in the yard is to completely ignore the presence of weeds. After mowing or watering your lawn, weeds seem to come up overnight. They grow much faster than other plants and you can even find them somehow thriving in tiny cracks on your patio. Weeds do not need much love to live a full, healthy life and if they are not eradicated immediately, they will have a detrimental effect on your yard. Spring and summer months have all the elements that your lawn needs to thrive. Unfortunately, these are the same sunshine, water, and fertilizer needs that make weeds grow at an incredible rate. If you are wondering if you need to maintain weed control during the hot summer months, the answer is absolutely yes. One summer of letting weeds run rampant will result in hard work during the next several growing seasons to reverse the negative effects of weeds. If waging a war against weeds this summer is not what you had in mind, hiring a lawn care service may be just what you need to keep those weeds from destroying your yard.

Professional experience

Snuffing out weeds and preventing them from taking over your yard takes research, a quick response, and a persistent attitude. If you put weed control on the back burner, your yard can soon be overrun by stubborn weeds. If you realize that you simply don’t have the time or know-how to give your attention to the growing weed problem, giving a call to a professional lawn care service can help keep the weeds away while maintenancing your yard. Leave it to a professional technician to come in to exterminate, remove, and prevent weeds from crawling back into your yard.

Weed services

Summer provides the perfect environment for weeds to thrive and spread seeds for next year. Annual weeds spread a good deal of seeds and can quickly cover a patch in your yard even though they soon die off. But the damage done to your lawn will be evident in dead patches in the once thriving, healthy grass. Perennial weeds can develop wide spreading root systems under the ground that interfere with plants you love from getting the necessary minerals and root space they need to survive. These types of weeds spread their vegetation across the soil, blocking sunlight from your garden vegetables or short flowering plants in flower beds.

Experienced lawn care services treat a plethora of both annual and perennial weeds from dandelions, crabgrass, and clovers for residents who want weed-free yards but lack the expertise and time it takes to eliminate weeds in their yards.

Keep up with weed control all summer long by calling The Experience Gardener in Fresno County today so they can take over controlling the weeds in your yard before the weeds take over your lawn.