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Do I Need Vegetation Control Year-Round?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on February 08, 2022 @ 7:52 pm PST

While yard care tasks are certainly front-loaded in the spring and summer months, tending to your yard is a year-round job. Vegetation control and general yard clean-up throughout the year are crucial to maintaining a healthy, beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

What is vegetation control?

Vegetation control means taking out any unwanted plants or limiting growth. If you have ever trimmed a tree or weeded a flowerbed, you have participated in vegetation control. In every maintained yard there are the plants that a homeowner wants in their flowerbeds, garden, or lawn to soak up water and get access to root space. But it is unnecessary to look after the weeds’ needs because they always find a place to creep in and take over. This is where vegetation control comes in so your yard is left looking its best by eliminating weeds and trimming back overgrowth to help the plants you love thrive, leaving your yard looking like a thing of beauty.

Each Season

Spring: Vegetation control during the springtime starts off by removing any leftover dead leaves or fallen branches from winter, cleaning out and preparing flower beds for planting, trimming shrubs to promote growth once the risk of freeze has passed, and mulching to prevent weeds from growing. As well as mowing, mulching, and trimming the farther into spring you get.

Summer: Weeding, pruning, mowing, and chemically treating unwanted plants from taking over the yard.

Fall: Clear leaves and debris from the yard, especially from blocking wanted plants from sunlight. Pruning of appropriate plants before winter.

Winter: Cut back appropriate hedges and shrubs.

Vegetation control methods

Don't be caught on your heels by a yard quickly being taken over by weeds or shrubs outgrowing their space. The longer you wait to start tending your yard, the more time and energy it will take to get back on top of maintaining your space. If you realize that pulling out weeds and trimming up trees and hedges is just too much for you, calling a professional lawn care service can save you time and give you a plan to get your yard back to its former glory and keep it there. Different vegetation control methods include:

  • Manual clearing: The use of hand tools to prune, trim, and pull unwanted plants by hand.
  • Mechanical clearing: Mowing, weedeating, and tree removal using machinery.
  • Use of Herbicides: Spraying to kill unwanted plants and keep them from returning.

Having a yard is a wonderful asset and enrichment to your family’s lives that you can enjoy. But everything worth having requires work and maintenance and a yard is no different. Year-long yard care is crucial to keeping your outdoor space the beautiful, safe, and enjoyable environment that you want. To stay on top of vegetation control, call the team who knows best, The Experienced Gardener, today!