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Chemical Lawn Care Treatment and Services in Fresno

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on March 21, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

When it comes to the plethora of weeds, disease, and infestations that can plague your yard and take it from thriving to shriveled, hiring an experienced lawn care service needs to include more than just mowing the grass and blowing off the sidewalks. A company that provides manual and machine clearing capabilities, as well as chemical lawn care treatment and services in Fresno, will give your lawn the added advantage it needs so it can look beautiful, and be enjoyable and inviting for your family.

Treatment and services

Chemical lawn care is the use of herbicides or insecticides to treat your lawn for stubborn or widespread weeds, disease, or even pests that can take over and destroy your beautiful yard.

  • Weeds can creep in and choke out plants and lawns in a heartbeat, leaving patches of no grass once the weeds are removed.
  • Disease can be even trickier to eliminate and, if left untreated, can become quite widespread. Unless you have a trained eye to spot disease early, your lawn’s health can suffer, leaving it an uneven, splotchy mess.
  • Pest infestations do not only involve houses and buildings. If you have ever had your foot sink into a mole or gopher tunnel as you strolled across the yard, you know that it's not just what you can see on the surface that affects your yard.. 

In Fresno, CA, chemical lawn care services can address current issues with your lawn and, through routine treatments, can prevent any attacks and destruction of your beautiful, green yard. Services and treatments provided include:

  • Anthracnose tree injections
  • Winter dormant spray
  • Fire blight
  • General fungicide spray
  • Turf insecticide
  • Miticide
  • Tree insecticide spray

Other services

In addition to chemical lawn care, the usual vegetation control like taking out any unwanted plants or limiting the growth of desired plants is also needed in maintaining your Fresno yard. Vegetation control refers to trimming, weeding, mowing, and pruning. In every maintained yard there are the plants that a homeowner keeps in their flowerbeds, garden, or lawn that they want soaking up water and getting root space. Vegetation control combined with the necessary chemical lawn care services will eliminate weeds and trim back overgrowth to help the plants you love thrive, leaving your yard looking lovely.

By spraying your yard for disease, hard to eradicate weeds, and plant destroying pests, professional lawn care services can get your lawn looking its very best. In Fresno, CA, there is one chemical lawn care service that has the experience and cares to not only treat your lawn but give their customers the peace of mind they need about their yards. The team at The Experienced Gardener listens to your concerns and gives you the best custom chemical lawn care that fits your needs. Call The Experienced Gardener today!