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Posted by Stephanie Morgan on January 11, 2021 @ 9:00 am PST

Maintaining a pristine lawn and garden requires time, hard work, and consistency. After hours toiling in the sun, the proper reward should be a beautiful, healthy lawn…but what if, despite your best efforts, there is a silent force at work against you? Insects and diseases can affect your lawn in many ways, wreaking havoc on grass, plants, and the overall health of your lawn. 


When it comes to your grass, that brown spot may be more than just a patch that the sprinklers missed. If you start noticing dead patches or discoloration in a lawn that is otherwise well-fertilized and healthy, you might be dealing with lawn disease. 

There are many lawn diseases that manifest and spread in a variety of ways; certain diseases affect specific types of grass, so it’s important to identify what the problem is before attempting to treat it. Some have telltale signs that are easy to spot, like the orange-yellow mold spores on individual blades of grass suffering from rust disease. Red thread will look like thin, red hairs sticking up amongst the grass. 

Trees and plants show signs of disease in a variety of ways as well. Leaves and fruit may have spots or wilt prematurely, needles may be discolored or have powdery mildew at the base, and trunks can develop unsightly lesions that go as far as to span the circumference of the tree itself.   

Whatever the issue is, do the necessary research so you’re fully informed of the root cause so you can apply the proper treatment in order to eradicate the problem before more damage is caused. 


Pest control is an important part of lawn and garden care and requires consistent monitoring and treatment to ensure the lawn you work so hard to maintain doesn’t become food for an army of hungry little critters. 

The most obvious sign of an infestation is when leaves, grass, and plants appear to be chewed or broken…but take a closer look at other symptoms that may be indications of a deeper problem. Insects can cause grass to have brown patches, wilting, or discoloration. Burrowing insects can cause problems at the roots, causing grass to die out quickly. 

Trees and plants may present signs if infestation through eggs, larvae, webs, cocoons, and moldy substances on bark and leaves. Be on the lookout for unusual holes or dead branches as well that could be signs of an internal infestation. 


There are several options for DIY treatments for diseases and pests affecting your lawn if you’re absolutely sure you know what the exact issue is. However, it can be a significant challenge to diagnose what the problem is when many diseases and pests can cause similar symptoms in your lawn and garden. 

If in doubt, it’s best to leave it to the experts. A lawn and garden professional has the knowledge and experience to fully evaluate your situation, determine the problem, and recommend a solution. If you live in the San Joaquin Valley and would like to call in reinforcements to ensure the present and future health of your yard, call The Experienced Gardener for a free quote today.