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Are You Having Problems with Insects and Disease in Your Yard?

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on August 22, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

Enjoying a lazy day out in the yard is one of the most peaceful things about a weekend. But if you notice,  as you lay in the hammock or sit on the porch swing ,that there are many problems popping up around your yard, you may want to take a minute to investigate. Plant and lawn disease can wreak havoc and insects can suck plants dry or nibble leaves to death. If you are having problems with insects and disease in your yard, hiring a professional lawn care service that specializes in pest control and disease control will revive your yard without months of trying to figure out the problem.


After you notice that some of your plants and grass are not looking so good or maybe you can actually identify insects eating the foliage, the faster you act, the sooner your yard can get help through a fungicide or pesticide treatment. An experienced lawn care technician will thoroughly inspect your yard for diseases and insect pests. When either are identified, the lawn care specialist will immediately begin treating your yard. Through consistent treatment and regular inspections, your yard can soon shake off any disease or infestation and grow healthy, thick, and green.


If your lawn has suffered under the summer sun without enough access to water or if the soil needs to be aerated, your lawn may be more susceptible to disease or pests. A healthy lawn can put up a good fight against attack.Regularly tending to your yard by:

  •  Watering it regularly, in the morning before the sun evaporates the water
  • Fertilizing your lawn in early spring, as the growing season starts to ramp up
  • Aerating is something that isn’t always considered by homeowners who are problem solving about what could be causing their lawn to suffer. But this process allows much needed oxygen to get down to the roots so that they grow healthy

By looking after these three key necessities for a healthy lawn, you will be also protecting your lawn from future attacks from pests and diseases.

Can I DIY it?

Attempting to treat your lawn yourself for brown patches, mildew and mold species, or a myriad of insects that are affecting your lawn’s health can certainly be done. You will need to identify the type of disease or pest,  gather the correct equipment and insecticide or fungicide, even sow new seeds if needed. To ensure the treatment goes a long way, you should be ready to aerate the lawn to make sure if it is getting enough oxygen. 

The best and surest way to knock out any disease or destructive insect before it takes over your lawn is to hire a professional lawn care service that does more than just mow and edge your lawn. For Fresno County, residents looking for a solution to their insect and disease problems should give The Experienced Gardener a call today.