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3 Lawn Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on August 29, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

For homeowners seeking tips on how to get their lawns looking their best, you can’t go wrong when you cover three of the most basic needs of a lawn or any plant, for that matter. Water, air, and food are crucial for any living thing on Earth. Your lawn is no exception. Taking care of these needs with a little know-how, will give you the lawn that makes you want to go out and enjoy it.

  1. Water your lawn and garden in the morning. Knowing when to water and how often can make a big difference in the appearance of your lawn. It is important to water your lawn before 9am. If you wait until midday to water, the sun will cause much of it to evaporate, which is a waste of money and deprives the plants of soaking up all the much needed water. With some plants, the water freshly sprayed on their leaves can act as a tiny magnifying glass. Once the sun’s hot rays hit the water droplets on the leaves, it can actually burn them. Also, well hydrated plants and grass will fare better when facing the hot sun than if they are left to droop until a later midday watering.
  2. Aerate your lawn. When a lawn is impacted, water will pool in certain areas of the yard and your once beautiful lush green grass will look thin and unhealthy. Testing if your soil is in need of aeration involves sticking a tool like a screwdriver or maybe a garden fork into the ground. The best time to do this is when the soil is not completely dry, but do not do this after a water or rain either. If it is hard to get the tool into the ground deeper than about an inch, it is time to aerate your lawn. This will bring oxygen deeper into the soil and break up and knotted grass roots so they can branch out and keep growing.
  3. Feed your lawn. Giving your lawn regular fertilizer treatment will ensure that your lawn is healthy and green throughout the nice weather seasons. Be sure to fertilize your lawn at the beginning of spring so that it is off to a good start. Making sure your lawn is its healthiest before the summer heat sets in will give the grass the strength to make it through long, hot days.

Lawn care can be a big job for any homeowner, especially if the yard is of a good size. Even though you may want the benefits of a well cared for lawn, you may not have the time to give it the amount of attention needed to keep your yard looking its best. Hiring a professional lawn care company that specializes in chemical lawn care, insect and disease control, and vegetation control can really take your lawn to the next level. For residents of Fresno County, give The Experienced Gardener a call today to set up your first appointment.