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3 Landscape Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Posted by Stephanie Morgan on October 31, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST

For every homeowner who always has an eye out for cool, relaxing outdoor spaces, any few fail-proof tips to make their own yards pop are certainly welcomed. Unless you know someone who is just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to landscaping, you may find yourself scrolling through endless posts on great outdoor ideas, but not knowing which ones will have the biggest impact. Three landscaping tips you need to know to keep your yard looking its best involve keeping your soil healthy, plant plants for year-round appeal, and keep weeds away.

1. Soil health

People want their yards to look good, lush, and green. But never forget about where all the nutrients are coming from that are keeping your lawn and plants looking healthy. Your soil is vital to your plant's health. Having your lawn and flowerbeds regularly aerated will allow crucial oxygen to get down into the roots of your grass and other plants. This also lets water get to the roots so it can soak it up without drowning the roots because the water has nowhere to go. Fertilizing at regular intervals throughout the year will put back any vital nutrients into the soil so it can help your lawn and plants grow healthy.

2. Year-round plant appeal

Think about the plants you are putting in your flower beds or lining the edges of your yard. You will want to plant taller plants in the back, have a row of medium-sized plants in the middle, while having shorter plants right up front. When choosing your plants, check to see how well they will survive in your region before planting. Once your plants are chosen, research the time frames each plant is in bloom or green. You never want your landscaping to look completely dead. By choosing plants that have staggered times in bloom while having some evergreens, you are sure to have a lovely yard all year around.

3. Weeding

Never neglect weeding your flower beds or yard. Weeds will take a mile if you give them an inch and they will take it before you can blink. Regular maintenance to keep the weeds away is needed to keep your yard healthy and looking its best. If weeding is a chore that you simply do not have time for, hiring a professional lawn care service could be the perfect way to keep the weeds out of your yard while having time to enjoy the beautiful landscaping of your yard.

By using these three tips every homeowner should know and having a professional lawn care service in your back pocket, your yard is surely going to thrive.  In Fresno, give The Experienced Gardener a call to set up regular maintenance or even pest and disease treatment for your yard.